How to beat Chip Gaines in Chip Gainys #Biggie’s Gym

Buffalo chips are becoming an everyday treat.

So it makes sense that someone would create an adorable chip frosted ice cream that is as sweet as the ones we all love.

The Buffalo Chip Frosting uses a blend of chip ingredients including chip ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles.

“It’s like an ice cream sundae.

It’s like dessert that you just have to try,” said Chip Gainies son-in-law, Brandon.”

We wanted to give a little bit of a treat to people in Buffalo, to show that we’re just as awesome as we are and that we’ve got a little chip in us,” said Brandon Gainies.

Brandon and his family have been making Buffalo Chip Fingers since they were in their teens, and theyve had some great feedback from their local ice cream store, who have always been happy to give them their blessing.

With the help of a couple of friends, Brandon has taken his Chip Frosted Ice Cream to restaurants and bars across the city, and he is excited to share the recipe with the world.

Chip Gaines is a Buffalo Chip Chip Cookie.

This frosted chip cookie is made with cream cheese, cream, and ice cream.

It has a chocolate chip topping.

The Buffalo Chips are a great addition to any ice cream party.

They taste great on their own, or they can be mixed with ice cream to add a little more flavor.